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Glamour Doll Eyes: Review & Swatch Fest!!

Hey dolls!! 
A little over a month ago I made a somewhat large order from Glamour Doll Eyes Cosmetics. I had to wait a while for my order to arrive since I made two separate ones yet the shipment time was incredible, at only a five day wait. Glamour Doll Eyes is a company that I see myself repurchasing from often. They have amazing eyeshadow pigments, lip glosses, and glitters as well as great customer service. Today I will only be swatching the eyeshadow pigments.  I've been waiting a while to write this post so I could give you guys an accurate review of the shadows I've purchased. 

Glamour Doll offers many different shadows in many different finishes from matte to metallic. Each pigment is available in three forms. Sample Baggies ($1.25) Sample Jars ($2.50) and Full Size Jars $6.00. Great prices for the amount of product you get! 

All of the pigments I ordered came in jars, which are small little pots. These jars are sealed tightly once arriving and seal just as tightly once you use them. So they make great travelers!

I ordered a total of 15 eyeshadows. Each order comes with two sample baggies, two business cards, a small post card sized paper with information on the company and new collections, and an awesome sticker! 

Samples: Martini Olive, Dazzle Me, Island Chic, Lace Panties. 

I love the sample baggies that come with your order because it gives you a chance to try out shadows you may have not ever thought about buying. 

All pigments were foiled using Visine.  Dry pigments are swatched over no base or primer. 

Shadows & Swatches!!

Lexington & Sterling Glitz 

last swatch to the right is done over black base

Part of the blogger collection, a satin white with green sparkles.

Sterling Glitz: 
Silver diamond color. A very small glitter pigment. 

Infectious & Undead

Both shadows where a part of the 2010 Halloween collection.

burnt orange with black undertones, consisting of red and gold shimmer. 

Black with red undertones, comes off a bit more maroon under the light. 

Ahoy Sailor & Hello Brooklyn

Ahoy Sailor! :
Matte dark blue. Almost similar to Mingle from GDE, but Ahoy Sailor! is about three shades darker. 

Hello Brooklyn:
Matte black mixed with shimmery blue and green pigment. 
Amazing glitter pigmentation, one of my favorite shadows! 

Trophy Wife & Lovers Lane

These two are favorites among shoppers of GDE!

Trophy Wife:
Intense mettalic gold, some green undertone. 
Amazing pigmentation!! Notice how there is little to no difference when swatched wet and dry!! 

Lovers Lane:
Metallic deep red. 

Stiletto & Girlfriend Sweater

Bright matte fuchsia

Girlfriend Sweater:
matte dark, plum purple

Obscure & Mackinac

sorry for the green sheen on obscure....oops

These two are part of the new Blogger Collection

Matte grey taupe with purple undertones. 

Mint seafoam green with red sparkles. 

DinoSpotz & Sex Appeal

Brownish red with green glitter. 
Identical to MAC's Blue Brown pigment. 

Sex Appeal:
Silver and teal with slight shimmer

Martini Olive

Martini Olive:
Matte Dark Green. 
I actually have this shade in all three available forms. Why? I don't know. But it is my favorite color right now, so I am not complaining! :D

I am not going to review or swatch these since they are being discontinued. I'm glad I managed to get them all because they're my favorite glitters out there.  R.I.P. Eyelights.

Final Thoughts!
Overall, I absolutely love GDE! They never fail when it comes to pigmentation and quality not only in their products but company policies. The majority of their pigments are incredibly soft and easy to work with. Obviously since they are pigments you will want to work with them carefully to avoid fall out, and make sure you use a base so you get the best outcome possible. GDE matte pigments tend to be my favorite although they look like crap when they are swatched. I have a large collection of GDE eyeshadows, and I can see it increasing as new products are unveiled!! 

Favorites from this purchase? 
Undead, Hello Brookly, Lovers Lane, DinoSpotz, Martini Olive. 

I would definitely suggest checking out Glamour Doll Eyes. Heck try out the sample baggies if you must, they're really cheap and a great way to try out a new brand! Trust me you'll love them!! 
Check out Glamour Doll Eyes by clicking the link below :D
Glamour Doll Eyes

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you liked!! 

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