Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleek Haul and Tell

Hello Dolls! 
For almost a year now I have been trying to get my hands on some Sleek makeup. Sleek is a British cosmetics line that carries eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lip paints, etc. etc. I was actually introduced to this brand by the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube.  I have found it difficult to get my hands on their products without resorting to Ebay, and a couple of weeks ago I found out that they finally launched international shipping to their site! There are palettes on their site that are not available for US and Canada shoppers due to FDA regulations. (Honestly, if they're good for their eyes why not ours? Anyways..) 
These are the Acid, Ultra Matte V1, Ultra Matte V2, Glory and Snapshot palettes. (Of course, the palettes I wanted.
You may think that shipping was an arm and a leg but I only paid around $5 for shipping and my purchase came out to less than $50 all together! 
I will be linking the Sleek site down below, and I hope you guys enjoy!!

Sunset Palette
The Sunset Palette is a very tropical colored palette. At $10 you get 12 amazingly pigmented eyeshadows at 1.1 of product each.  It comes in Sleeks popular black, sleek (hehe) packaging.  All twelve shadows, except the matte black that comes in every Sleek palette, are very shimmery and slightly frosted. They are all incredibly velvety soft, and incredibly pigmented even the lightest of colors. These colors are very blendable, and easy to work with. The only downfall in this palette is that there is not enough variation between matte and shimmery colors. 

Left To Right:
-Matte black 
-Shimmery wine red
-Shimmery burnt orange
-Shimmery tangerine orange
-Shimmery yellow toned gold
-Shimmer light ocean blue

Left to Right:
-Shimmery brown toned mauve
-Shimmery burnt orange (almost the exact same color as the one above)
-Shimmery brown toned orange
-Shimmery antique gold
-Shimmery neutral beige
-Shimmery baby pink

Respect Palette
The Respect Palette is a Limited Edition collection palette that was released in the Shangri-La Collection. Inspired by Motown this collection chanels the retro vibe of the styles of the 60's. This palette contains 12 eyeshadows with 1.1g of product each. All shades are incredibly velvet soft, and amazingly pigmented! Unlike the Sunset Palette, this palette has a great vacation between matte and shimmery shadows. Also, unlike the Sunset palette these shadows have names, and punny ones at that! 
This is definitely my favorite purchase from Sleek. 

From left to Right:

-Gladys White: sheer matte white, buildable
-James Brown: shimmery bronzed brown
-Shalamar: terracotta mauve
-Count Basi Beige: yellow toned matte beige
-Aretha Orange: Shimmery bright tangerine orange
-Otis Red: shimmery coral read

From left to Right:

-Roberta Black: matte black
-Vandellas: matte red wine (my absolute favorite color)
-Cameo Cream : pale matte cream, buildable 
-Motown Mink: pale matte tan
-O'Jays: shimmery red toned orange with golden shimmer
-New Jack Pink: Matte bright hot pink

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pink Sprint 
Sleek's blush by 3 palettes hold three of Sleeks amazingly pigmented blushes. At $12.49 you get three complementary shades. The Pink Sprint palette contains three pink based blushes. All pigmented and very blendable. Placed on lightly they produce a flush of colors, but layered they produce and incredibly bright pop of color. 

Left to Right: 

Pink Parfait: Matte light maroon (sheerest of them all)
Pink Ice: Matte very bright hot pink 
Pinktini: Matte dark fuchsia 

Face Contour Kit
Sleeks face contour kit is one of the few products that I've been yearning for since I've discovered Sleek. The contour kit combines a dark matte pressed contour color and a complementary illuminating highlighter. Just like the blushes when used lightly it creates a light flush of color, but when used with a heavy hand it is incredibly pigmented. I found this out the hard way! 

I was not let down by Sleek. All of their products where incredibly pigmented and easy to work with. Other than the two week waiting period between ordering and receiving my item, everything involving shipment went by smoothly. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. Definitely check out other Sleek products at!

Thanks you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. 


  1. I want all of these! I can't believe how pigmented they are!

    Boston Princess

    1. I know!! For $10 the quality of these shadows are amazing!! I'm definitely ordering more soon!! I would definitely suggest checking these out.