Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: MAC Lip Mix in Blue

Hello Dolls! Like I promised in last night FOTD today I have a review for MAC's Lip Mix. I'm a sucker for crazy lip colors so I was super intrigued when I saw a follower on instagram rocking this shade.
 The packaging for this lipstick is just like every other MAC Lipstick/Product. It comes in black box that feels like a combination of cardboardand card stock embossed with white script. It is very sturdy, and that is especially necessary for a product like this. The product itself is in a plastic squeeze tube, and definitely needs some had exterior to protect it from damage during shipping. 

This lipmix is described on the MAC site as a bright naval blue lip color. For $15 you get 10 ml / 0.33 US oz.  You can use a lip mix on it's own to make your own array of colors. The Blue lip mix is definitely one of the more intimidating colors in  the collection of 9. It comes in a squeeze tube similar to Lip Tars. It is very creamy and incredibly opaque. It can be a light blue at first but it is quite buildable. The consistency is quite thick, but that makes it very easy to work with. It is a texture that is in between a  lipstick and thick lip gloss. The thick consistency can be a bit of a good thing, but also a negative. When applying more than one coat let the first one dry because applying one coat after another without drying it becomes incredibly thick and gunky and wont really dry well at all. Since it is blue it does stain even when you apply a primer or a base color.

I swatched this look the day I got it. With no primer, no lip liner. And then wore it with a black lip liner. This shows how easily you can change the color of these lip mixes. 

I was genuinely surprised when this lip mix worked so well. At first it crossed my mind that MAC was attempting to steal Lip Tar thunder, but I wanted to give them a try. Lord knows I'm in love with liptars since my collection is ridiculous, so I wanted to put both products up to par. I own the blue lip tar, but I genuinely liked this better. Mostly for the consistency. The thickness makes it more opaque and easier to work with. I want to get some more in order to honestly compare them a bit more, but for now I am completely pleased with this product.

Note: MAC Lip Mixes are a PRO product and available online in the pro products tab on No pro card is needed.

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